Guide for Authors


Paper Formatting Guidelines



Abstracts using Bzar 10 should be limited to maximum 10 lines and prepared in single column format. The first page consists of paper title, names of the authors, their affiliations, Persian abstract, and keywords in Persian and Latin.


1. Introduction

Papers should be in Persian and the abstracts should be in both English and Persian. Every abstract should be limited to 100 words. The paper should be limited to maximum 15 pages, including the pictures, tables, and diagrams.


2. Paper Size

The paper size should be A4 and it should be in 2 column format.

 3. Page Layout

In formatting your page, set top, bottom, left, and right margins to. 2.5 cm. The column width is 7.5 cm. The space between the two columns is 1 cm and the line spacing is 6 mm. Put the paper title at the top of the page, in the middle of the line.  Set the names of the authors and their affiliations in the middle of the page, leaving a single line space from the last line.

 The abstract is set with a single line space after the name of the last author and in a single column. All the sections and sub-sections should be numbered. Moreover, the space between the last line of the text with the title of the next section or sub-section should be 12 mm.

  4. Font Size

The text should be in Bzar, font 12, authors 11, sections and subsections 12, abstract 10, and image text 9.

 5. Tables and Images

The tables and images should be set at the beginning or end of the columns. Tables and images which can be fit in 7.5 cm columns should be used. In case a larger space is needed, put the image at the top or bottom of the page, so that it can cover both columns. The images should be of high quality and resolution and in black and white. The text of the image should be written below the image and that of the table above it, and both should be numbered. A line space should be left between the image and its text. The text of the table and image should be in Persian and be written immediately after it is first mentioned. The number of the images and tables should be put in parentheses.

 6. References

When referring to a source, put the number of the reference, based on the given numbers in the reference section, in brackets and put a full stop after the brackets.

 7. Guidelines for Equations

Font size used in equations and formulas must be consistent with the font size of the text. Pay attention to powers and exponents, Greek letters, and etc. The number of equations should be put in parentheses and next to the right margin. The equation itself should be written from the left margin. A formula with a long equation should be broken in two and be written in the middle of the line and its number in the next line.

 8. Other Suggestions

If a symbol is not defined in symbol list, define it after its first use. Regular symbols such as SI, RMS, and DC do not need any definitions. In the paper, use SI units and do not use unfamiliar words.

 9. References

[1] Holmes, G. “network analysis”, IEEE Trans on Natural Network. Vol. 234, pp. 234-242, Jan. 1982.
[2] Smith, J. “Technical Publications”, McGrawh-Hill Books Co., NewYork, 1990.

Important Note

After writing the paper in the above-mentioned format, send it to the journal email address, along with a paper including the personal details of the authors, their contacts in WORD and PDF. In the paper, nominate the author whom we should be in correspondence with, along with his/her email address, telephone number, mobile number, and postal address.